2015, Swine Flu: virus in India, death graph rises.

58837c01d1f0f026f88f4053344dd366The H1N1 virus has perforated its epidemic this year in such a way that its outburst in India has counted double fold increase in death rates than the previous year’s report. Though the symptoms of swine virus is similar to prodromes of viral fever, but its end results are expiring. The health ministry and the doctors are fret of this virus type, making the survival chances limited for the infected. The gross number of people infected from this virus has reached to 9,311, according to the records of government data.  February, the shortest month in our calendar alone has recorded 300 deaths of people in the nation those who coming in contact with this virus.

In the year 2014, 218 deaths were reported out of 937 swine affected cases; The hopes still alive, expecting the swine flu epidemic to slump this year rather it stood more challenging to the doctors, handling the swine cases. “This year the trend is different,” says Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, senior consultant, internal medicine, at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

Centre heads- on to make available the medicinal stock in the hospitals. The Union health ministry is following their undeviating attempts to bring down the call of swine flu and therefore, has directed all the pharma companies to make the medicinal stocks to reach even in the licensed retail outlets.

Government through media tools wants the precautionary measures to unfurl the awareness habits within people so, that they may secure themselves from this disease.

For those, whose body is already been infected by swine flu virus, doctors are recommending them to stay in isolation so that others don’t build-up areas of their fatality. And, the other concerning measure that the people must step for, is that when only the symptoms of the cause is life-and-death then only they must come to hospitals for the treatment, quotes Dr KK Aggarwal , leading cardiologist.

Though people are now aware that swine flu virus has gripped its roots all around but, still are unaware how this disease can intercept their path from keeping themselves healthy.

There are 4 major factors that can be observed within you which can be caught for you to have turned infectious to swine flu. If a person feels breathless and is having fever for more than three-four days or are already suffering from any severe disease, should consider themselves first for the hospitalization so that their case can be detected and the treatment to take place to the earliest, said Dr Aggarwal.

The asthma patients are much prone to this particular virus. The research studies indicate that about 30% of those hospitalized are an asthma patients and so, is the asthma attack and swine flu infection in one route are more minacious for asthmatic patient to lug.

In Madhya Pradesh, a swine flu prone region, the vaccines are available but people have no or little knowledge to define the term swine flu. It is a familiar fact that government does not take a pre hand measures of any cause that may torment in the later stage to the general public. However, Health ministry though late in its efforts, is putting the hoardings in the city light.

The hoarding displays the helpline number, when people in need can avail as a chance to succor when any kind of swine flu related information is needed. Even now the district leveled regions can even get the services from the given helpline number.

“We are trying our best to spread awareness and at the same time not create any panic,” Dr Veena added.

The role of district education officer is cardinal in whole proceedings of the awareness campaign. After knowing his views on awareness level to the children, KPS Tomar added, till now the government has passed no single piece of documentation to embark a drive of awareness for the school children.  He said there are around 1,100 government and 3,000 private schools in the state capital.

Most of the swine flu cases in Bhopal are getting themselves and their families treated from the private hospitals. The government hospitals are providing free services to the swine flu case. The elementary part of any kit for the protection against virus, the mast is not obtainable from the nearby chemist shops.

A good quality masks are being provided in hiked rates, which is unaffordable for the general public to wear.

It is showing the economic mark here even in this case. The demand and supply to the masks is fluctuating according to its availability in the market though in many hospitals it is made mandatory wear masks while entering through the doors of hospitals. Still for their protection, people are using mouchoirs for covering their mouths.

However, now it’s the responsibility of the people all together joining their hands to fight for the cause as it happened in the polio eradication case.


Kirti Datt


Untitled-1Government announced sudden hikes in petrol and diesel on Sunday was predicted aftermath of Delhi elections. Petrol and Diesel price increase for the first time after August 2014.  The revised price hike quoted for petrol in Delhi would be 82 paisa per litre and diesel 61 paisa per litre, in line with a recovery in global oil prices after a steep fall over a six-month period. The hiked prices came into effect since Monday morning.

As per oil companies a litre of petrol in Delhi will cost Rs57 against Rs56.49 now, while diesel will cost Rs46.62 per litre against Rs46.01.

Earlier report that came in news on February 8 stated that consumers should brace up for a hike in petrol and diesel prices.

‘‘There has been a steep increase in international prices of both petrol and diesel and the Rupee-USD exchange rate has also depreciated slightly since the last price revision. The combined impact of both these factors warrants increase in retail selling prices of both petrol and diesel,’’ said  Indian oil corporation, the Nation’s largest fuel retailer.

After plunging to as low as $47 per barrel, global crude oil prices have crossed the $60 a barrel mark. A major shake-up in the oil markets, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has also predicted a recovery in global oil prices, which they stated in five year forecast, the IEA said global oil prices will rise to $73 per barrel by 2020. Petrol prices had been cut 10 times since last august by a total RS17.11, and diesel six times since October by Rs12.96 cumulatively.

Princeton Receives $300M Rare Book Collection, University’s Largest Gift Ever

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Princeton University declared Monday that it received a donation of books and manuscripts worth approximately $300 million, amounting to the most generous gift in its history.

Class of 1936 alumnus William Scheide died last year at age 100, bequeathing a 2,500-volume rare book and manuscript collection to the Ivy League university. The haul includes historic treasures like the six earliest prints of the Bible and the original printing of the Declaration of Independence. He also gifted the 1746-founded seat of learning with Beethoven’s music sketchbook, signed by the composer himself.

It is “one of the greatest collections of rare books and manuscripts in the world today,” said Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber in a statement. “I cannot imagine a more marvelous collection to serve as the heart of our library.”

The collection will be fully digitized to increase its accessibility to the public, which can view it upon request. It will…

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A troth of providing sundry comforts to Delhi: Kejriwal hails as CM!

UntitledNow fully committed to reinvigorate themselves for the schemes they may use as their thoroughfare, Kejriwal leader of Aam Admi Party took an oath on Saturday and eight ministers gummed with him to make Delhi a sleaze-minus state and to act against communal factors.

The same lacus where Kejriwal had garnered profuse youth folk to fight against the ill sited visions of government, has made it historic while he took an oath in Ramlila Ground when umpteen people joins his oath taking ceremony. First his demonstration of spadework was for only 49 days and, now Kejriwal to hold his reign for 5 years, has made people confident that now their badgering for the betterment is not needed as they are firm “AAP” will work for “AAM”.

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung administered the oath of office and secrecy to Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and five other ministers. The CM addressed the gathering by up heaving the ebbed worth anent issues to rework on it, after now being given a chance to work for. His peroration for the gathering was when he whispered his understanding on corruption and the shackling accounts of communal components shrouding our country.

He assured the Delhiites that his government will embrace the notion of bringing statehood in the national capital.

After procuring the triumph, striving afar from Congress and BJP, Aam Adimi Party is in a view that people loves Kejriwal a lot and therefore, he successes in hooking 67 out of 70 seat in Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections. AAP considers Congress to flunk due to their arrogance and BJP to drop due to their over confidence. Now AAP has aired their manifesto and with it has paraded all over for their pledges they have made to the people of the capital.

Till now 10 covenants has been prefixed to the list which are of ginormous challenge to the party. The list includes:

  1. Delhi Janlokpal Bill and the Swaraj Bill: APP which promised to promote Janlokpal through which they could penalize the officials for their guilty deeds relating to corruption. Abeam of it, Swaraj Bill also to implement to foster participation of the common man in taking their determination directly in the core of the truth and to avoid any pell-mell decision by them.
  1. Unabridged statehood for Delhi: APP in its swedge against injustice has every time pledged to work as bona fide experts. He plans to unbind the responsibilities of the Central government to govern Delhi and the bodies like: MCD, Delhi Police and Delhi Development Authority will come directly under the Delhi government.
  1. Electricity Bills to be halved: They have assure that the people of Delhi will no longer have to remunerate  high amount for the electricity and have asked the CAG to do an audit of the discom to help in reduction of the prices of the electricity bill.
  1. Free water providing services as a right of Delhi people: Upto 20,000 liters of water will reach every household seeking per month. The above limit of it will be charged to promote water conversation activity.
  1. Yamuna de- pollution drive: In order to immaculate Yamuna from all sorts of polluted types, the party has set a line that whatever will slash their limits are bound to be sanctioned a leaden fine when they dump detritus in Yamuna.
  1. 500 more schools to construct: Delhi is cram- full region due to over population but AAP promises Delhi to be augur of social welfare while keeping up the words of building 500 schools in Delhi in next 5 years. Their belief is to impart quality education to the children and to standardize their personalities.
  1. 200 colleges as their vision to build: They plan to build 200 new colleges under the Delhi administration with partnership with villages. The line of outspreading education lies in their providing entrepreneurship, standing dissimilar to Delhi University and Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.
  1. Private schools fees to be regularized: The burdensome school admission procedures have made parents to snivel. AAP promises to regularize the institution’s fee and to make the healthy structure for the squeaky clean admission procedures.
  1. Wifi and e- governance unfettered and free: Now most of the government procedures will walk online and with outlook to develop transparency for what they slog for is the party’s aim.
  1. Discom Portability and transformation of Delhi into a solar city.

Now AAP exist for AAM so, it’s the job of Kejriwal how to keep Delhi in dhyan.


Kirti Datt.

‘Khamoshiya’ Rated as biggest flop

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Karan Darra’s horror movie ‘Khamoshiyan’ is rated as biggest flop. According to audience the film is low on erotica as well as horror quotient and the climax was illogical. The film has got just 1.5 stars. The title song was the movie’s only saving grace.

Ali Fazal and Sapna Pabbi are decent and their love track is bearable as Arijit Singh lends soul to the songs, but that’s about it. The horror track fails miserably, comprising standard scares. If you find flying objects, animated butterflies, erotic dreams and the sight of letters being deleted automatically from a word document on a laptop scary, you deserve to watch Khamoshiyan alone and be disowned by friends and family all your life, like its protagonist.

We can forgive the genre lacking logic as long as it induces some fear in your mind. And that cannot possibly be achieved by showing an evil spirit making a Diwali exit. Besides, the Bhatts should stop showing ghosts defying gravity by scaling vertical walls like Spiderman. Finally, you nod in affirmative to Ali Fazal’s reaction when the mystery is unveiled. “What nonsense is this!” says he. You want to tell him, “Thank you for summing up the film for us. You checked into that creepy hotel remember?”

So if you are in a mood to donate your hard earned money to the producer then its a must watch.

Shivani sharma

MJMC-2015-Sharda university

From the DESK


Altamash Khan- EDITOR

I‘m a slow walker, but I never walk back (Said By: Abraham Lincoln).

Almost one in five persons in the world is aged between 15 and 24, the majority living in developing countries. India has the largest youth population in the world, around 66% of the total population (more than 808 million) is below the age of 35.youths are now more aware about the political scenario and literate enough to understand right or wrong. We take the case study of Delhi election, and we observed an adverse result came in exit poll. Now it’s not that easy to manipulate the youth of India.

The phase of India has changed; youth has crossed the milestone and joined in the development after 2-3 decades. They have showed the reality to real India by assembly election.

Link The ink as we need to be analytical in the sphere of news and as it is your views that matters the most. Here we expect from our readers to give suggestions and feedback about the news blog, its style and the opinion about the story we are covering. If we find something interesting and different we will bring it to you. We are looking forward that you all will participate and give your valuable suggestions for the betterment of our society.

Keeping the hope alive, we will do our best to bring stories and present true facts to our readers. We want youth like us participate with enthusiasm and make this blog a success. Our budding reporter’s will give analytical views of the story every week on politics, international affairs, economy and so on.

Hoping to bring changes in society………here by we start our e-news portal

Thank you to all

Editor-Mohd Altamash Khan

(Sharda University,Greater Noida)