Editor’s Hello !

10526085_763578067041325_4605324080697984994_nIndia is one such nation where the syndication of political habits has given the people of country the right to judge their benefits that they may bag from the government and to make it possible media is playing central part of connecting the governance with the general public. Now, you may understand that how supreme is media in making the people to reach wide at cheapest cost in their routine. A well communicated example of development is related to media flexibility and therefore, anything and everything that can be connected as media for dispersing the knowledge to the people in sphere, are open handedly invited. The convergent media is being termed as new media as the internet connectivity has made the people to stick to its features and therefore, many media organizations are trying to cross its limited boundaries and build their knowing even in convergent media.

The students of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication have decided to take a whack at spotting the world around and inking through the online newspaper: Link the Ink and we expect to drive the people towards better understanding of truth. Before entering into the deepness of it, we need to worship your blessings to make it a long run. We would venerate your opinions if the public will participate with us in forwarding their knowledge of what piece they consider to be the news.

Our areas of coverage would include: National, International Affairs, Health, and entertainment news.


From The Editor:

Kirti Datt

(Sharda University, Greater Noida)


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