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Altamash Khan- EDITOR

I‘m a slow walker, but I never walk back (Said By: Abraham Lincoln).

Almost one in five persons in the world is aged between 15 and 24, the majority living in developing countries. India has the largest youth population in the world, around 66% of the total population (more than 808 million) is below the age of 35.youths are now more aware about the political scenario and literate enough to understand right or wrong. We take the case study of Delhi election, and we observed an adverse result came in exit poll. Now it’s not that easy to manipulate the youth of India.

The phase of India has changed; youth has crossed the milestone and joined in the development after 2-3 decades. They have showed the reality to real India by assembly election.

Link The ink as we need to be analytical in the sphere of news and as it is your views that matters the most. Here we expect from our readers to give suggestions and feedback about the news blog, its style and the opinion about the story we are covering. If we find something interesting and different we will bring it to you. We are looking forward that you all will participate and give your valuable suggestions for the betterment of our society.

Keeping the hope alive, we will do our best to bring stories and present true facts to our readers. We want youth like us participate with enthusiasm and make this blog a success. Our budding reporter’s will give analytical views of the story every week on politics, international affairs, economy and so on.

Hoping to bring changes in society………here by we start our e-news portal

Thank you to all

Editor-Mohd Altamash Khan

(Sharda University,Greater Noida)


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