A troth of providing sundry comforts to Delhi: Kejriwal hails as CM!

UntitledNow fully committed to reinvigorate themselves for the schemes they may use as their thoroughfare, Kejriwal leader of Aam Admi Party took an oath on Saturday and eight ministers gummed with him to make Delhi a sleaze-minus state and to act against communal factors.

The same lacus where Kejriwal had garnered profuse youth folk to fight against the ill sited visions of government, has made it historic while he took an oath in Ramlila Ground when umpteen people joins his oath taking ceremony. First his demonstration of spadework was for only 49 days and, now Kejriwal to hold his reign for 5 years, has made people confident that now their badgering for the betterment is not needed as they are firm “AAP” will work for “AAM”.

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung administered the oath of office and secrecy to Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and five other ministers. The CM addressed the gathering by up heaving the ebbed worth anent issues to rework on it, after now being given a chance to work for. His peroration for the gathering was when he whispered his understanding on corruption and the shackling accounts of communal components shrouding our country.

He assured the Delhiites that his government will embrace the notion of bringing statehood in the national capital.

After procuring the triumph, striving afar from Congress and BJP, Aam Adimi Party is in a view that people loves Kejriwal a lot and therefore, he successes in hooking 67 out of 70 seat in Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections. AAP considers Congress to flunk due to their arrogance and BJP to drop due to their over confidence. Now AAP has aired their manifesto and with it has paraded all over for their pledges they have made to the people of the capital.

Till now 10 covenants has been prefixed to the list which are of ginormous challenge to the party. The list includes:

  1. Delhi Janlokpal Bill and the Swaraj Bill: APP which promised to promote Janlokpal through which they could penalize the officials for their guilty deeds relating to corruption. Abeam of it, Swaraj Bill also to implement to foster participation of the common man in taking their determination directly in the core of the truth and to avoid any pell-mell decision by them.
  1. Unabridged statehood for Delhi: APP in its swedge against injustice has every time pledged to work as bona fide experts. He plans to unbind the responsibilities of the Central government to govern Delhi and the bodies like: MCD, Delhi Police and Delhi Development Authority will come directly under the Delhi government.
  1. Electricity Bills to be halved: They have assure that the people of Delhi will no longer have to remunerate  high amount for the electricity and have asked the CAG to do an audit of the discom to help in reduction of the prices of the electricity bill.
  1. Free water providing services as a right of Delhi people: Upto 20,000 liters of water will reach every household seeking per month. The above limit of it will be charged to promote water conversation activity.
  1. Yamuna de- pollution drive: In order to immaculate Yamuna from all sorts of polluted types, the party has set a line that whatever will slash their limits are bound to be sanctioned a leaden fine when they dump detritus in Yamuna.
  1. 500 more schools to construct: Delhi is cram- full region due to over population but AAP promises Delhi to be augur of social welfare while keeping up the words of building 500 schools in Delhi in next 5 years. Their belief is to impart quality education to the children and to standardize their personalities.
  1. 200 colleges as their vision to build: They plan to build 200 new colleges under the Delhi administration with partnership with villages. The line of outspreading education lies in their providing entrepreneurship, standing dissimilar to Delhi University and Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.
  1. Private schools fees to be regularized: The burdensome school admission procedures have made parents to snivel. AAP promises to regularize the institution’s fee and to make the healthy structure for the squeaky clean admission procedures.
  1. Wifi and e- governance unfettered and free: Now most of the government procedures will walk online and with outlook to develop transparency for what they slog for is the party’s aim.
  1. Discom Portability and transformation of Delhi into a solar city.

Now AAP exist for AAM so, it’s the job of Kejriwal how to keep Delhi in dhyan.


Kirti Datt.


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