‘Khamoshiya’ Rated as biggest flop

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Karan Darra’s horror movie ‘Khamoshiyan’ is rated as biggest flop. According to audience the film is low on erotica as well as horror quotient and the climax was illogical. The film has got just 1.5 stars. The title song was the movie’s only saving grace.

Ali Fazal and Sapna Pabbi are decent and their love track is bearable as Arijit Singh lends soul to the songs, but that’s about it. The horror track fails miserably, comprising standard scares. If you find flying objects, animated butterflies, erotic dreams and the sight of letters being deleted automatically from a word document on a laptop scary, you deserve to watch Khamoshiyan alone and be disowned by friends and family all your life, like its protagonist.

We can forgive the genre lacking logic as long as it induces some fear in your mind. And that cannot possibly be achieved by showing an evil spirit making a Diwali exit. Besides, the Bhatts should stop showing ghosts defying gravity by scaling vertical walls like Spiderman. Finally, you nod in affirmative to Ali Fazal’s reaction when the mystery is unveiled. “What nonsense is this!” says he. You want to tell him, “Thank you for summing up the film for us. You checked into that creepy hotel remember?”

So if you are in a mood to donate your hard earned money to the producer then its a must watch.

Shivani sharma

MJMC-2015-Sharda university


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