My choice- To what extent

India: 04/04/15; 15:04: My choice is a short video made by Homi Adajania in association with vogue India featuring Deepika padukon and other 99 women’s. This video is generally based on women empowerment. Since the video is on YouTube and other sites it crossed 5.3 million viewers. The content of the video is very appealing because it is focusing on the choice of a woman. It is up to her what she has to do with her body and she is independent enough to think anything about herself. It’s her choice what type of clothes she is going to wear and nobody can make her let down. She has got absolute option for having relationship with any guy she wants.Cute-smile-of-deepika-padukone-hd-wallpaper

The video, on one, hand gained importance on the other hand the video was criticised by many political parties even by many film stars. Many videos were generated by those who are opposing the content of the video projecting that the similar absolute freedom should be granted to the males also and they should be permitted to have relationship with more than one female because it’s “his choice”. It is only the future which will decide how much and to what extent freedom should be granted to both the sexes. However presently a concept of female freedom has been through open by this video.

Aparna Virdi- Sharda News- MJMC


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