Hairstyles in summer and what we can do to protect our hairs from harmful sun rays

India: 06/04/15: 21:08; Summer is a great time to switch over from our boring regular style with the new look in the hot summers. Trying some new haircuts or even trying with new hair colours on to our hairs can be super energizing for this summer. There are many unnamedhairstyles we can go for to protect ourselves from the hot sunny days like Easy knotted hairs, ponytails, twisted up do, braided bun, messy bun.

A lot can go wrong when we go directly into the sun without covering our hairs. Sun can damage our hairs leading to faded colour, split ends and a brutal dry texture. Rays coming from the sun is not only harmful for our skin but it’s harmful even for our hair also. We should try to cover our hairs when we our out in sun whenever it’s possible.

Aparna Virdi- MJMC- Sharda University


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