Children’s exposure to social media

tween-girl-computer-MIndia: 07-04-15; 11:45AM;The world in which we are living today is totally technology driven and social media has its own importance that we cannot deny. Social media that covers a wide range of communities and network like- Facebook, twitter, Ourkut, Google, MySpace, these are the sites through which we can share our views, photos and much more. Children are likely to spend there most of the time on these sites but it has negative as well as positive effect on them. Positive effect is that it helps them to increase their creativity. They can even establish communication with their teachers and friends but even they can communicate with the big entrepreneurs and can gain knowledgeable information.

Negative effect is that they spend more and more time on these sites which is important to increase their creativity but dew to that their academic performance is been degraded. Children are not even giving proper time to their family because they like to spend more time on social media in spite of discussing the day to day work with their family.

It is very much important to make them realise that they should make a balance between how much they are going to spend their time on social networking sites and how much time they are going to dedicate towards the studies in spite of all this a little time should also been given to their family members.

Aparna Virdi- MJMC- Sharda University


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